North Point’s Swim Team: Making a Splash


Maggie Wallace

Mikey Murphy (’24), diving into the pool, makes an amazing splash.

Maggie Wallace, Reporter

This year’s swim and dive team is making a big splash on North Point’s history. The team has a lot of inexperienced swimmers, but they are learning.

 “It’s a lot of pressure since its my first year, but it’s fun getting to try new things” said Bryce McCullough (‘25). 

Not only are the swimmers great ,but so are the managers. All the swimmers agree they’re very helpful and positive. 

“I volunteered to be a manager for the boys swim team because I am a swimmer myself and I love it,” Eryn Chamberlain (‘25) said. “Anything to get involved with it more I jump at the opportunity. So being a manager really appealed to me, I love timing the events and getting to talk to other teams. It’s great getting an insight of the team before the girls season.”

“I am really nervous and by whole body is tingly,” diver Mikey Murphy (‘24) said.

The team just had a meet on the 17th of september and crushed it. They improved their time. The team also agreed swim meets are one of the best parts of the season. The morale of team was amazing. They were so supportive, especially when Mikey Murphy was about to pass one of his opponents. The screams were so loud and inspiring. The whole team can agree they are really like brothers on the team. The atmosphere was amazing and so positive. 

“One of the reasons I joined the team was because of the memories you make along the season,” Mikey Murphy said (‘24).

That was a concise answer among the swimmers. This team will be a force to be reckoned with in the later years.