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Sleep is essential

Poor Sleep? Consider These Supplements

Mark Tyson, Opinion Extraordinaire May 23, 2024

There are lots of different supplements you can take to improve the quality of your sleep. I'm going to explain the biggest ones and what they do. Melatonin - Melatonin is easily the biggest player...

Peyton Burgess (‘28) and Leala Austin (‘28) prepare for their last couple weeks of middle school

High School Worries

Maddy Burgess, Reporter May 23, 2024

With only a couple days left of the school year, many high school students are thrilled to be getting out of school and going on a nice vacation for a couple of months. However, there is one group of students...

The eyes of the Amazon.

Guarana: a Superior Source of Caffeine

Mark Tyson, Opinion Extraordinaire May 15, 2024

Guarana is a climbing plant native to the Amazon, containing large amounts of caffeine. Guarana seeds contain approximately four times the amount of caffeine found in coffee beans, as well as additional...

These four books are a great choice if you need something to read over the summer

Summer Reading Recommendations

Maddy Burgess, Reporter May 15, 2024

Summer is coming up soon with only 14 days left of school and whether you want to admit it or not, you will probably end up bored at some point. One of the best ways to help cure your boredom is reading. Reading...

The Surprising Perks of Listening to Music in Class

The Surprising Perks of Listening to Music in Class

Layla Slattery, Reporter May 15, 2024

While the usual view has been that music is a distraction in the classroom, a growing body of research suggests that allowing students to listen to music during study time or lectures can actually boost...

How to Deal With End of the School Year Stress

How to Deal With End of the School Year Stress

Layla Slattery, Reporter May 15, 2024

As the year gets closer to the end, many people find themselves feeling overwhelmed by the end-of-year responsibilities and school work. From final exams and project deadlines, the pressure can quickly...

Ike Estep (25) is classy and sporty with the pink trend that is popular for summer.

New Trends for Summer

Kenzie Williams, Reporter May 3, 2024

Each year there is some kind of new trend for all seasons. This summer is going to have a lot of new trends and styles, some even being brought back from older times.  For makeup, the “clean girl...

Prepare, Practice And Be Proud

Prepare, Practice And Be Proud

Aubree Tullock, Reporter April 26, 2024

Starting Monday, May 6 2024, students will be taking the EOCs (End Of Course Exam). It will last until Tuesday, May 14 2024. During the exams your phone, Apple watch and any other devices besides your...

Dopamine receptors OVERLOADED

Dopamine Detox: Should You Try It?

Mark Tyson, Reporter April 26, 2024

A dopamine detox is when you intentionally abstain from most high-level, instant-releasing dopamine activities like phone scrolling or video games. This can last however long you want, but the science-based...

Stress can be manageable if you just know a few techniques.

How To Manage Stress

Brooke Purler, Reporter April 23, 2024

Would you like to know how to manage your stress? The world is such a busy place nowadays, and it has gone to the point where we do not have time to be able to unwind. It feels like we can't take a break...

Many students need to see multiple teachers during DEN Time.

Den Time Woes

Kenzie Williams, Reporter April 17, 2024

Recently, the school took out the two halves on DEN time and made it into one. They did this because students would go to places they weren't supposed to go to or even skip. So making DEN time into one...

Who will be this years Prom King and Queen?

Brooke Purler, Reporter April 13, 2024

Who is excited about prom?! I know that I am sure I am. There is some very important information that you all need to know about prom. This year’s prom will be held at The Christy Banquet Center...

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