Building a Program


Melissa Gertken

The JV football huddles around Coach Zangriles to discuss the next play.

Quinton Meyer, Reporter

  North Point High School’s JV football team won their first game 32-6, which was held on Aug. 31. After the game, Coach Zangriles was excited with the result. 

 “The team did amazing, We still have stuff we need to work on,” Zangriles said.

  The North Point football team has been working hard all summer. Practices started in early June. The team only had a couple of days of summer until they started off-season workouts. 

 They did not start at the new high school with practices. They started at Holt High School due to construction. 

 The team is made up of 75% freshmen and the team has three juniors and the rest are sophomores and no seniors. 

 Over the summer, they have built a family from the ground up and it is led by great leadership and an amazing system built by the North Point coaches. Coach Zangriles said

“ We have a player-led system over coaches and we don’t use the old way of coaching,” Coach Zangriles said.

 The high school system is usually at the top is coaches and next is seniors and down the list, but at North Point, it is different.

With no seniors, the coaches have decided to go with a 12 player leadership that leads the team and are voted only the players to be leaders for the rest of high school, as long as they are respectful and remain eligible to play. They will get replaced when those players graduate. The coaches work for the players at North Point. North Point has a team of amazing coaches that know the game of football and have worked closely with it for years.  The head coach, Alex Zangriles, is in a big spot being the head coach of a brand new program and school.

“ It’s a dream come true,” Coach Zangriles said.

He has been working really hard to help these young men succeed in the game of football and life skills, learning about leadership and becoming good men in society.

As well as winning their first game, North Point beat Frances Howell North 30-6 for their first win at home in school history on Sept. 7.