Should Santa’s Elves Be Paid?

Haddie Shasteen, Reporter

Everyone knows that Santa’s Elves would have to make approximately 2.74 million toys every single day, assuming they take Christmas Day off. That’s more than 114,000 toys per hour.

I really believe that Elves should be paid at least 15-20 dollars an hour. They work all year round making gifts for other people’s kids. Elves have families and need to make some money so they can at least enjoy life.

I also believe that Santa may be overworking his elves. Working every day of the year doing the same thing over and over again and not getting paid is probably very hard. I would never want to work as long and as hard as the elves do and not get paid. I would leave the north pole as soon as possible.

Santa should also be paid for flying around the whole world in just one night and giving presents to every single kid. But I also think he is getting paid to do these things by someone. I’m not sure who, but maybe there is a god of all the holidays and he pays each main person for each holiday, but not the helpers.

When I think about Santa and his elves I always kind of thought of them as a family, but now I see it as Santa making a bunch of people from the North Pole work their butts off.

I hope Santa sees this and starts paying his very loyal and hard work coworkers. Christmas is not all about Santa. There are many different animals and people who help make Christmas happen every year and if it wasn’t for them then we wouldn’t have Christmas.

Elves and reindeer are an important part of Christmas and we need to appreciate them. Pay the elves and feed reindeer the best treats in the world, but I also think they like carrots. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good paycheck.