The Joys of Owning a Pet


Alex Lacke

Owning a pet can be beneficial for everyone in the home.

Zion Letcher, Reporter

There are plenty of reasons to have a pet. Besides being a fun friend to have, pets make opportunities to exercise by taking them on a walk or taking them outside. It is good to exercise your lungs by running or just getting a breath of fresh air by going to the park or around the neighborhood. They are also good for socializing. They get you out of the house and will put you in more social situations because people will compliment them and ask questions about them. 

Having pets at a young age helps with responsibility because you have to take care of them and watch over them every day. I think having a pet at a young age is beneficial because it helps kids to be active and also teaches them how to be responsible. There is a lot of work that comes with owning a pet and parents can use that as a learning experience for their children. Parents can also use pets to take a break from children by letting the pet and child play together. 

Pets can also help with anxiety if you have a pet they can help calm you down by being there when no one else is. Many pets can be used as service animals. For example, dogs can alert people around if their owner has a seizure or a life-threatening failure in their body. They can also help blind people find their way and guide them. 

If you don’t want something as big as a dog or cat you could have a lizard or hamster. They are easier to take care of and easier to keep up with. I think having a pet is a good idea for almost anyone. They come in many different shapes and sizes from snakes to dogs to spiders. You just have to find the right one for you.