The Grizzly Football Team Shows Holiday Spirit


Izzy Smithey

The football team stayed warm in their football gear and had several jobs throughout the park.

Izzy Smithey, Reporter

Coach Z was at the entrance welcoming everyone to the Holiday Night Lights. (Izzy Smithey)

The Holiday Night Lights Walk at Rotary Park was held at 5:00 pm on December 12. The Grizzly football team volunteered their time to help out at this wonderful event. They helped with parking, guided people to the reindeer, helped with the crafts for kids and supervised throughout the light display.

“I was taking people’s pictures with the reindeer whenever they were on the sleigh,” Caleb Craig (’25) said.

Coach Zangriles organized the players and was pleased with the trunout.

“It was really fun being at the front greeting people,” Coach Zangriles said. “We all said ‘1, 2, 3 Grizzlies’ and took a picture.”

The players had a great time promoting the holiday spirit, even though it was cold.

“We guided people through the light tunnel and it was really cold,” Logan Schmidt (’24) said. “I also took pictures of people with the reindeer and we all promoted the holiday spirit.”

“I was warm in the Travelin’ Tom’s coffee truck, while the football players were out in the cold,” Mason Dehart (’23) said. (Izzy Smithey)
Several of the football players helped lead visitors to get a visit with the reindeer, who was only at the holiday lights for this one night. (Alexander Zangriles)