Meet us at Oglesby Park

Wentzville welcomes a new park for every resident to enjoy.

Wentzville welcomes a new park for every resident to enjoy.

Adianna Lynne , Editor in Chief

As the months continue and summer begins in early May, a new park will be available to those near Wentzville for recreation and enjoyment. The park consists of a 199 acre plot and is named after a black landowner who endured slavery who was brought to live in Missouri during the early to mid 1800’s.

“Benjamin Oglesby’s farm, located on park property, is where Oglesby and his wife, Martha, raised their family,” Alex Fees from Five on your Side said.

Benjamin Oglesby is honored in the park’s name, in remembrance of his life and legacy as a former slave who became successful in business and provided for his family through his obtained opulence. The plans for the park include a playground for younger children, trails, and a lake for fishing, paddleboarding, and canoeing. Families, friends, loved ones, from little ages to old, are welcomed by trees and fauna of all variations, small animals and insects, living within the flourishing pleasure ground ecosystem.

“The park was surprisingly large, and beautiful in its appearance, fitted with many different kinds of trees and plants. I took my younger brother with me and he also really enjoyed the scenery of the park,” Mena Southward said.

The fruition of Oglesby Park will provide another safe and welcoming center for families and individuals of all ages, bringing the community together through leisure, refreshment, and restoration.