Halfway ‘Til They Take the Stage


Isabella Petry

Mariah Robinson (’24), Zan Houston (’25), Tyson Swetnam (’25) and Madison Anderson (’26) are being taught their blocking for the musical number “D.O.A” by Ms. Abigail Menneses- Delcompare (Ms. Abby).

Isabella Petry, Reporter

This year’s fall musical “Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief” just hit its halfway point till the opening night of the show on Thursday, November 10, 2022. The cast and crew have been working hard to put together a performance you will never forget. Through lights, music, choreography, props and mind-blowing sets, the production will take you all the way to Camp Half-Blood and back.

Doing any production can be stressful, but it is also really important that you let loose and have fun doing it.

“In between scenes you still have to keep it serious but times when you are practicing you can still have those fun moments,” Joshua Hudson (‘26) said.

Josh plays Luke and Ares in the production.

Possibly one of the most stressful moments is the Audition process, this musical had auditions and then callbacks for possible parts. Sitting and waiting for someone to call your name can be scary but Zan Houston (‘25), who was cast as fan-favorite character Grover specifically felt as if they were gonna pass out.

“I was very close to passing out,” Zan said. “After I sang Ms. Ibberson asked why I wasn’t in choir and I came up to the table to talk to her and the first thing I did was I set my hands on the table thinking I was passing out.” 

The Percy Jackson book series and movies have made Percy Jackson a household name. Whether it be his witty sarcasm or lack of experience fighting mythical monsters he never thought could actually exist. He has managed to persevere through his experiences at Camp Half-Blood. North Point’s very own Percy Jackson, Tyson Swetnam (’25) has tried to use what he had read from the first book in the series to develop his character.

“Things like his motivations and how he feels kind of hurt because his dad was never around and the love he has for his mom,” Tyson said

Annabeth Chase, the daughter of Athena and brilliant strategist also known to us as Freshman Madison Anderson, was elated when finding out she had got her dream role. Madison is a huge fan of the Percy Jackson book series and has read the whole thing several times. She even starred in another version of the musical where she was a chorus member.

“I was so excited, Annabeth is one of my dream roles, I was jumping up and down. It was crazy,” Madison said.

Come out to the North Point Auditorium on November 10-12 at 7 pm and find out who stole Zeus’s Lightning bolt. It’s $6 for students and $8 for adults. “To the gods!”