First Varsity Season Comes With First Varsity Win


Vanessa Jennerjohn

Coach Zangriles coaches up his offense as they prepare for the next drive.

The first true varsity season for our football team comes with their first-ever varsity win in North Point football history, 14-13 over Fort Zumwalt East. However, being on a first-year team comes with many challenges such as size, maturity and skill level.

¨Speed and football knowledge is a strength and a weakness is the size and age of the team, so we really like learning together,¨ Joel Massey (‘25) said. 

Football is a different sport than something like baseball or soccer, where size and maturity actually matter and can drastically change how you perform. Most of the players think of this year as a building year or a growing year.

¨I feel like we have been good all around but we’re a small team so even though we look like we’re losing, it’s winning to us because we are getting better each and every week,¨ Peyton Briddell (‘25) said.

The Fort Zumwalt East game was a challenge to the team because of the deficit that they faced at the half.

¨It was a dogfight of a game going into halftime down 10, but we came back and fought and feel we finally earned something,¨ Joel Massey (‘25) said,

The win on 9/16 Against Fort Zumwalt East will be one that the players will remember. Jubilations and a sigh of relief is what the team felt when getting that win. Working all winter and summer gave the team chances to show their talents and passion for the game of football.

¨It felt amazing getting our first win, you know we were super excited when we won, in the locker room we just were dancing and screaming. It was just amazing being a part of that and hopefully something I’ll never forget,¨ Amaree Johnson (‘24) said.

Players are looking forward to the rest of the season to continue growing and getting better and winning. There is mass support from staff, peers and classmates at North Point.

¨I see us maybe getting 2 or 3 more wins total, but using this year as a building block to be prepared for this season and put up a fight against the more established programs,¨ Dominic Colombatto (‘25) said.

Despite our wins and losses, our Grizzlies have grown and gotten smarter as athletes and students and we are so proud to represent North Point. We know they will continue to do amazing things this season and the following seasons.