Let’s Make a Move for Chess Club



Students enjoy the competitive nature and the friendships formed at chess club.

Cole McQuay and Kalem Keffer

There are many clubs and activities that you can participate in during W.I.N. time, including the chess club. The chess club is run by Mrs. Willies-Nichols in room 136 during blue W.I.N. time on

Wednesdays. In the chess club, you can learn how to play, watch people play and just play chess. 

Many people join to play and have fun with other people. Many also like to challenge their brains with thinking skills. Hayden Milligan (’24) played for his old school. They had a chess club there as 

and it seemed fun.  His dad taught him how to play chess.

“I like to compete with other people and it is a great way to work your brain and hang out,” Milligan said.

Outside of school, Hayden plays online and at home with his dad and some friends.

Another student, Emma Walkup (’24) is also in the chess club. She joined to beef up her college application.

“I think it looked fun and colleges look at clubs,” Walkup said.

Her brother and partner in the chess club taught her how to play.  She used to play years ago but forgot how, so she had to learn again.

“It’s a good way to work your brain and very logical to make you think,” Walkup said.

Ava Welsh (’24) is also in the chess club. She joined because a lot of her friends were in it. Her dad taught her to play and she really enjoys it.

“It’s not a normal board game and it’s enjoyable and I like playing,” Welsh said.

Stop by room 136 to check out chess club.