Future of Clubs at North Point


Holliday Palazzolo, Reporter

The first official school year is coming to an end, and students are preparing for EOC’s, finals, and getting ready for summer vacation. However, a percentage of students throughout the school are sad to see the year come to an end. Meeting new teachers, making new friends, and of course, learning new skills, Via class, or Clubs. Speaking of which, as the year begins to end, many clubs within the school are starting to either disband or pull their final punches for the students participating in the club.

However, many students have noticed that amongst all the different clubs in the school, most of them are really just add-ons to another class. Take DECA, FBLA, and the tennis club for example. Granted, we do have clubs such as Chess, Art, DnD, and book club, but that’s the most we got in terms of clubs for students to just have fun. Many students within the school wish to see more clubs next year in order to make their next, if not, final year here worthwhile.

“One of the main reasons we don’t have that many diverse clubs within the school is because we haven’t received that many requests this year,” Dr. Adams said. “In order to start a club, a student needs to have a teacher sponsor them so that way, a teacher can be monitoring the club. Then the teacher needs to submit a request form straight to me, and I’ll decide from there,” Dr. Addams said.

One club that took a while to establish was the “Women United” club, run by Adianna Lynne. The club focuses on holding fundraisers for women’s issues such as breast cancer and helps raise awareness.

Regarding clubs we currently have this year, only some of them hold club meetings once or twice a month, the Book Club being one of them.

“We hold meetings once a month, usually the last Wednesday of each month,” Ms. Hoven said. “Book club specializes in bringing students together by getting them to read a select group of books via the monthly theme. Book club also provides students with small activities to do during club meetings.”

Even though many of the clubs within the school prioritize helping students with their work, very few of them are just for funsies, which is what many students are hoping to see in the coming years. Regardless, we all look forward to seeing you all next year, and we all look forward to seeing all of the new clubs that the school will provide.