Upcoming Elizabethan Era Fashion Show


Riley Pulley

Elisia Cintron (’25) is ready to be a princess in the Fashion Show. We have many parts open for more volunteers.

Riley Pulley, Reporter

Coming up during Den Time on Monday, March 14, we have an Elizabethan Era Fashion Show. Ms. Swanson has been recruiting models for the show to build excitement about the upcoming Shakespeare Festival.

“I know that students are often hesitant to participate in dressing up, but the more we promote the idea and share possibilities for costumes, the more likely students will dress Elizabethan,” Swanson said.

The possibilities are endless. Costumes can be elaborate or very basic. One idea is to take an old pillowcase and cut a hole for the head and arms. Then, students could draw a shield on the front, wear sweatpants, and use a ribbon to crisscross around the leg from the knee to the ankle. 

One of Shakespeare’s plays is called “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” and is full of magical creatures, like fairies.

“I want to be a fairy,” Alexia Zweifel (‘24) said. “It would be cute and I want to bring a fairy wand.”

With enthusiasm about the festival building, the fashion show may help students who think they cannot dress the part, realize that they can.

Elisia Cintron (‘25) is excited to be a princess for the day and for those that do not have a dress, the fashion show will show how to take common items from the closet and turn them into Elizabethan style fashion. Even something as simple as a headdress made from flowers will make the day more festive.

If you are interested in being a part of this event please contact [email protected]. She will be videoing it on Thursday, Mar 10, 2022.