2022 Cheer Tryouts


Riley Pulley

Alleson Newell (’25) is excited for Tryouts just like everyone trying out should be!

Riley Pulley, Reporter

As we roll into 2022 we have a lot coming up. Cheer Tryouts are coming up on April 1 here at North Point High School in the big gym at 5:00 p.m. 

Incoming freshmen who are interested in Cheer should come try it. If you missed the last season, come and make the 2nd season for North Point. 

“With the new incoming students and students who are trying out, I think it will look bigger and stunts will be better, but a lot different.” Alleson Newell (‘25), a last season cheerleader, said.

With a new season, there will be a lot of new things that everyone will see. 

Mrs. Armstrong, an ELA teacher in the 200 Hallway was the head coach. She has resigned due to having a newborn! Our other Coach resigned due to getting her masters and wanting a baby. 

Alleson Newell (’25)  is ready to meet the three new coaches. 

“I’m excited because it will give us a new fresh start, with meeting people and there won’t be standards to meet, and hopefully we will learn new stunts.” Alleson Newell (‘25) said.  

If you are trying out for the Cheer team there are a lot of feelings going on. Nervous? Excited? Scared? Overwhelmed? All feelings that everyone is probably experiencing. If you are interested, boys and girls are encouraged.  You should come out and show us your smiles and positivity.

“I’m excited but very nervous because no one knows who the coaches are, what they’re looking for, and what to expect from others.” Alleson Newell (‘25) said about upcoming tryouts.

If you want more information for the 2022 North Point Cheer season, please contact Bethany Armstrong for more details. We would love for anyone to come out and show their spirit and love for the sport on April 1, at 5:00 p.m in the Big Gym here at North Point High School.