Freshman Boys Basketball Wrap-up


Joel Massey

Blocking is one of the strengths of this young team.

Mora Arzuagas, Reporter

This year’s Freshman Boys Basketball season has come to an end. This school year our high school had our very first freshman boys basketball team. Our high school freshman team’s record was 6-17.

This school year there were 13 boys on the freshman boys basketball team. The team consisted of  Brice Balcom (’25), Colton Garofalo (’25), Grant Hawkins (’25), Peter Bampton (’25), Brayden Eckelcamp (’25), Joshua Koeing (’25), Jayden Porter (’25), Brady Trennepohl (’25), Riley Pham (’25), Cody Nunnery (’25), Frank Berkbigler (’25), Tyler Standridge (’25),and Riley Will (’25). 

“The coaches were good basketball coaches and taught us a lot of new skills,” Frank Berkbigler (’25) said.

Our high school had 12 home games equipped with a very enthusiastic audience at games. The boys always cheered each other on from the sidelines, even if they were injured. Riley Pham was one of the good players of our high school’s team who was injured during this amazing season.

“The team got along really well. Everyone cheered each other on even if they missed a shot or missed a block,” Jayden Porter (’25) said.

Some of the freshman boys got to play for the JV/Varsity team because of shortages of players.

“My favorite part of this season was getting to play on a varsity level basketball team,” Berkbigler said.

Three-pointers are always a crowd pleaser.

“My favorite part of this season was scoring a three-pointer,” Porter said.

I think our high school can agree that with a bit of trial and error our basketball team will be a really good team for the upcoming years.