Liberty Invitational


Jacob Adams

Christian Thomas attempts to take down his opponent at the Liberty Invitational.

Maggie Wallace, Editor-in-Chief

The wrestling team attended the Liberty Invitational on December 10, 2021. The junior varsity team/ varsity went home with places in six different weight classes, including a first place in the weight class 160. This win was brought home by Domenic Colombatto. 

“The Liberty meet went pretty good,” Colombatto (‘25) said.  I felt like it was the best day I wrestled there compared to all my matches. Our coaches had us do a bunch of warmups to make sure we were ready for the match. And I used that time to go over some moves. Most of those moves helped me win, like three of my four matches that day.” 

Not only was the invitational a great experience, it was also a scary one. While the team was at Liberty High School, tornado sirens went off all across Saint Charles County. 

“They stopped in the middle of the matches,” Madison Wilmes (’25) said. “We stayed in the hallway for about 30-40 minutes. I thought it was cool and funny,”.

Not all of the team saw the experience as scary. Some saw it as fun and bonding time for the team. With their own teammates and wrestlers from the other teams. 

“I thought it was a really fun experience because we all got to get to know the other team and a little bit more and see how everyone acted out of wrestling,” Elisia Cintron (‘25) said. 

While spending the time in the hallway, the girl’s team got to thinking about their goals for this season. 

“My individual goal for this season is to be a state champion and try my hardest and not give up,” Cintron (‘25) said. 

This tournament was a good learning experience for the team. They went up against good competitors. 

“I think that this tournament showed us great growth with our team and got us closer together as a team,” Colombatto (‘25) said. 

Hopefully that the team’s dream of going to the state tournament will become a reality with time.