Is Wentzville Food Worthy?


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Dukes BBQ Shack, the most popular restaurant according to students.

Raeleigh Meyer

Is Wentzville Food worthy?

If you’re anything like a food critic you would probably know all the best restaurants here in Wentzville, but If you are always the kind of person searching for somewhere new to eat, then try considering eating at one of these delicious Wentzville food options. According to our students, Dukes BBQ Shack is the most picked restaurant.

Brett Hulls Junction House 

This is a great restaurant to go to if you feel like staying more casual, but also a more sophisticated atmosphere. The junction house has a great variety of seating whether you want to be outside on the patio, or for a dinner date in the dining room, or maybe just a spot at the bar to watch the sports game, this restaurant even has rooftop dining. 

     ¨I like the Junction House because it’s super cool on the inside and their food is really good including the fries,¨ Chloe Poulsen (´25) said  

 Old Town Smokehouse

This is a very wood accent restaurant, featuring old brick walls that give off that old-time feel. Old Town Smokehouse might have good bbq but can also pair their plates with cocktails and bourbon.

     ¨Has great food and good service,¨ Riley Deslatte (´25) said.

The Grotto Grill

    Run by Cami and Cori, following in their family’s footsteps the grotto grill is a great place to eat with friends. With a great background story of Cami and Cori’s family, this is a restaurant to remember their grandma. Grotto grill has lots of different food options, and there is something for everyone. They even give the kids dough to play with while they wait for their food.

     ¨They have really good pasta,¨ Ashlyn Mahoney (´25) said

The Tattooed Dog

Even though this restaurant is under new management, it’s still got its rustic vibes. This restaurant specializes in specialty burgers and homemade fries.

     ¨I love their buffalo chicken fries, and their big potions, it’s really worth the price,¨ Addison Brown (´24) said.

Dukes BBQ Shack

    Everything here is made in-house, including their delicious dessert options. It’s a modern/old western feel inside and is in the heart of old town Wentzville, with indoor and outdoor seating.

       ¨Dukes has the best quality food, and really good service,¨ Jude Menne (´25) said.

Make sure to check out these delicious food options.