The Giving Thanks Season


Maggie Wallace and Alyssa Anderson giving thanks to the ones they love.

Mora Arzuagas, Reporter


It is important to remember to give thanks to the people you are grateful for. Showing gratitude makes people feel good about themselves. Being thankful can build and/or strengthen relationships. Spreading thanks, spreading positivity, positive thinking, positive feeling, etc. The world needs more happiness and positivity. Spread thankful messages to the ones you love and are thankful for and even strangers, be kind. 


A survey was sent out to all kids at North Point High School, the survey asked students about who they would give thanks to and how they would do it. The survey asked ‘Who is someone you are grateful for and why are you grateful for this person?’ “Mora because she is one of the best friends I could ever ask for” Ainslee Haas (‘25) sent in. Another response was sent in, “My dad because he works really hard” said Alyssa Anderson (‘25).

Ways to spread thanks, positivity, and gratitude

The most basic way to spread positivity is to just be kind, be nice, say thank you, and use your manners. You can send cards, or write thank you letters and send them to the people you want to share gratitude with. Start smiling more, smile at strangers, passerbys, people you know, anyone. Many people are struggling this year with Coronavirus still being around and kids still not having a regular school year without masks and quarantines, so smiling and at least trying to be kind could help people feel better about themselves and everything going on around them. 

When should you be thankful?

You should be thankful all year, not just around the holidays and during the holiday season. People should be kind all the time, not just when they get big feasts and presents.

Moral of the story

You should always be thankful, no matter what. You should ALWAYS try to be kind to everyone and spread gratitude.