A Tragic Loss


courtesy of creative commons

Corporal Jared Marcus Schmitz of the U.S. Marine Corps died tragically on August 26, 2021.

Ethan Jacob Hoker, Reporter

Lance Corporal Jared Schmitz was killed in a suicide bombing on Aug. 26 at just 20 years old. during the chaos of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. Schmitz was born and raised in Wentzville and attended Fort Zumwalt South during his high school years.

Schmitz wanted to be a Marine since he started high school and was committed to turning his goals into fruition. With the permission of his parents, he became a Marine at the young age of 17. Schmitz was first stationed in Jordan. However, he was later sent to Afghanistan to support evacuation efforts. 

Not only was Schmitz a brave man willing to die for his country, but he was also a kind joyful person that people loved to be around.

“He was constantly happy and always smiling non stop,” Mike Schmitz, Jared’s father said. 

“You could be having the worst day ever and just a phone call from him would make your day so much better,” Correa, who was Schimtz’ former girlfriend, said.

Jared’s father also shared a Ronald Reagan quote: “ “Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in this world. The Marines don’t have that problem.”

Certainly Jared made a lasting change in this world for the better, making a sacrifice most are not willing to make.

Schmitz ‘body was transferred from Afghanistan to St.Charles on Wednesday, Sept. 8. Thousands of patriots gathered along interstate 70 to honor Jared for making the ultimate sacrifice to keep his fellow countrymen safe. Schmitz ‘final resting place will be in Jefferson’s Barracks National Cemetery. 

Lance Corporal Jared Schmitz left a legacy of bravery and honor that people will aspire to for generations to come. He made a positive mark on all of the people close in his life. Truly Schmitz will go down in history as a virtuous American hero.