Murals with a Meaning


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Paintings were discovered in Lascauz Cave in France in 1940 by four French teenagers.

Raeleigh Meyer and Alexia Zweifel

On September 20, 2021 students in Mrs. Bond´s art class went outside during their class time to do murals on the sidewalks behind the library. The decorative pieces, all done by students, were to replicate the meanings of ancient drawings done in a cave called Lascoux, which were created seventeen thousands of years ago. 

Mrs. Brockman said she was inspired to do this activity because of a book she read called “The Truth is Told” by Mason Buttle

The assignment included chalk and imagination and required students to draw a resource humans could not physically live without. Some drew internet towers, the sun, transportation and many more resources that they think they couldn’t live without today.

Whether these resources are important or not, the students got time to show their creativity and personal opinion in what ended up being a colorful mural that decorated the campus ground.

This was a one day project that got more and more detailed throughout the school day. With a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, items, and animals these pieces sure stood out. 

It was a good experience for students to connect and relate to the things they find important in life.

Mrs. Brockman discussed with us how she loves having classes come into the library and be interactive. 

She would like other classes, besides the English classes, to come in. She explained all her future ideas on how we can get all the other grizzlies to bond and try more teamwork in the library and carry it on outside of the library.

 Mrs. Brockman always loves the visitors and extra company.