Ping Pong Tables, Temporary or Permanent?

Holliday Palazzolo, Reporter

Even the teachers are enjoying themselves! (Sydney Swainson)
Students have the opportunity to play ping pong suring WIN Time. (Holliday Palazzolo)

A few weeks ago, a set of three ping pong tables were set up in the Cafeteria close to the library. As something to do during WIN time, students began taking advantage of the new addition to the cafeteria by regularly playing ping pong with their friends during any window of free time. But it got some students wondering why the ping pong tables were added? And will they be permanent or temporary?

As of right now, everyone can see that the students are enjoying the ping pong tables, playing with them at any chance they get with their friends, but why were they added? For Lifetime Sports PE class, Coach Grant established that there would be a ping pong unit during her class. 

“By adding the ping pong tables to the cafeteria, it would allow students to practice for the Ping Pong unit in my class so there wouldn’t be too much confusion or struggles during the unit,”  Coach Grant said.

 However, it begged the question: “Will we keep the ping pong tables from here on out? And will more stuff be added in the future?” 

“Depending on how they’re used, the ping pong tables may or may not be removed in the near future,” Dr. Shelmeier said.

Because the ping pong tables were set up for Lifetime Sports ping pong practice, the tables will mainly be used for students participating in the class, and for students to play during WIN time. However, depending on how they’re used/treated, the ping pong tables might end up being removed if the students aren’t treating them well or using them properly, especially since they’re meant for our PE classes.

If the Ping pong tables remain permanent, we will most likely not add any more additions to the cafeteria, depending on how the students use their WIN time.

“Whenever we are playing ping pong, we make sure that we don’t break anything or overcrowd it,” Parker Tieman (’25) said.

So if the students of North Point use their WIN time wisely, and they respect the equipment around them, North Point just might add more for students to do during WIN time to better our school for future students.