Lori Krug

The FCCLA crew, set up a photo both during WIN Time. It was Coach Zangriles’ birthday so a bunch of students wanted to take their photo with him.

Luke Chipley, Reporter

In the second week of school, the Family, Children and Community Leaders of America Club created a fun photo display for all students and staff to have their photos taken. Along with this, the FCCLA has a lot planned for the school year at North Point.

The FCCLA is a national organization for young men and women through grades nine through twelve. It allows students to take courses dealing with jobs, family, economy, business, and more. 

“The main goal of FCCLA is to empower club members into leadership roles, and enhance their roles as family members using that leadership,” Mrs. Krug said, who is advisor for the FCCLA club.

Students have joined the FCCLA club for many different reasons.

“I wanted to join because of my love for working with children. I also enjoy serving culinary dishes.” Sofie Cochrane (‘2 ) said.

“I wanted to join because I like cooking.” Adale Reinker (‘2 ) said. 

These members along with all the others will be able to utilize these hobbies while in FCCLA.

Along with participating in the FCCLA club in general, the members can also take part in hosting events, and competitions. Hosting events allows members to show their dedication to events, and can improve their skills in building and creating fun activities. Competitions, on the other hand, allow students to show what they know in their skills, participating in activities such as cooking, or getting interviewed for a job.

The advisor for FCCLA, Mrs. Krug, also believes in giving a leadership role to the members to use responsibly. Members will have that leadership role in many of their activities. Another way of saying it would be to have an enhanced family member role. This is a fundamental part of the FCCLA, as it does not just mean gaining skills and leadership roles, but it teaches how to gain a role in a family.

The FCCLA club has just started at North Point, having hosted their first event on week two, and will have meetings throughout this school year.