WIN Time: A Privilege, not a Right


Ethan Hoker

Ryan Yang (’25), Aiden McCullough (’25) and Luke Gieselmann (’25) use their WIN Time to burn off some steam and build muscle.

Ethan Hoker, Reporter

North Point offers many opportunities for its students to grow and expand their skill set during WIN time. WIN means “What I Need”, and the purpose is to increase equity and access to extracurricular and academic opportunities and support within the scheduled school day, to enhance social-emotional development, to strengthen relationships — among students and between teachers and students, and to help students develop self-direction, time management, and responsibility.

One of the most popular spots is the weight room. The weight room has shown to be a perfect example of this. From free weights to machines the student is given every resource they could ever need to reach their full potential. 

Students can also go to the auditorium for quiet time, the fitness room to work out, the small gym or the main gym to play a variety of games, the student union to work on homework or the library. In addition, students can visit teachers to get extra help. For example, when a student misses a class, they can visit that teacher during WIN Time and catch up with the rest of the class.  As well as meet with a teacher  for missing work, students can join a club, work on a group project, make up a test/quiz, or participate in student activities randomly held.

With all these choices, students feel the freedom and are encouraging each other to use the time wisely, because WIN time is a privilege, not a right.