Our Support Staff Member of the Year: Mrs. Kelly Hoven


Mrs. Hoven is our Support Person of the Year and says she couldn’t do it without Mrs. Brockman. photo by Dr. Amanda Shelmire

Alaina Mahoney and Isabella Petry

Kelly Hoven, the assistant librarian here in the DEN, has won the award for Support Staff Member of the Year. Mrs. Hoven has worked behind the scenes to make our school the best it can be for both teachers and students, whether that means something as simple as printing papers, or something as difficult as coming in early and staying late. Mrs. Hoven has always been there for our school and it is time she got recognized for all she does for us.

This award is voted for by fellow teachers and administrators who had chosen Mrs. Hoven as their number one choice.

“It’s very special to me because my colleges have chosen me for this, and they think that I do good things which is always a nice thing to know,” Hoven said about receiving the award.

Ms. Hoven’s colleagues have always been a big support to her, especially her fellow librarian Brooke Brockman.

“She’ll do whatever anybody needs her to do,” Brockman, head librarian said.

Mrs. Hoven has been an assistant librarian for seven years and could not wait to come to North Point to build a new library at our school with Mrs. Brockman.

Every month our library has a theme related to social media, with activities that connect to the theme each month, but they also plan fun activities for normal English classes.

“I wouldn’t be able to do half of all the fun stuff I do without Mrs. Hoven,” Anne Holzen-Mason, an Advanced English 1 and Speech and Debate teacher said.

Mrs. Hoven has helped to make our school a much better place. She has done everything she’s been asked to do and more. We couldn’t ask for a better assistant librarian here at North Point. Make sure to tell Mrs. Hoven congratulations if you pass her in the hall, and give her your thanks for how much she’s done for this school.