Refusing To Succumb To Your Barriers


made by Luke Chipley

This issue is actually found in many high school students

Luke Chipley, Copy Editor

I often tend to think that one of the biggest things holding a person back is a lack of a determined mentality, especially when it comes to people that are more introverted than others. I think of it as putting up walls against others, only striving to do the bare minimum in fear of a certain something.

There are lots of reasons as to why a human being would want to hide themselves in mental walls standing tall against others. It can be a fear of failure, rejection, embarrassment, the unknown, or other reasons; the list can and will go on and on.

However, the healthiness of this mindset should immediately come to question.

According to “PsychCentral” and their article on this topic, “Mental barriers are a set of limiting beliefs we have about ourselves. If we attach ourselves to these thoughts, they can prevent us from taking action or moving forward. For example, a mental barrier might keep you from writing that book, taking that promotion, or pursuing that relationship.”

This can be taken in the form of schoolwork for students as well, which is where I see this sort of mental act shown the most; even from myself.

I am a pretty introverted person, and I admittedly am someone who does not have a lot of willingness to put in a lot of effort into something big, like a project, assignment, or goal; it is not like I do not want to put in any effort at all, but rather I just feel a bit cautious or even nervous at first. However, I have been trying to change this mindset, because of how unhealthy it can be. I have been slowly building up a mindset that attempts to go above and beyond on any goals I have. It has built up my confidence a lot more.

Putting in a lot of effort has been tough, sure, but it’s been helpful in more long term ways. An example I would think of is this 50 minute Emmy nominated documentary called “Personal Statement.”

According to the description paragraph on Good Docs, “Nationwide, the typical school counselor to student ratio is one to 464. Karoline, Christine, and Enoch are three young people who have chosen to do something about this problem, by becoming the very resource they don’t have for themselves. With professionally led training in college mentorship, a support network of key adults, and unflagging determination, each of them is fighting to change the world around them.”

A shot of school graduates from the documentary “Personal Statement.” (Juliane Dressner & Edwin Martinez)

This is the type of determination that I and many others strive to obtain, creating gargantuan goals for the sake of others. To me, its inspiring; and the pinnacle of what I would want to be, or want to do; having ideas in my head, and striving to put in as much effort as possible, just as these three kids in the documentary did.

However, again, in order to do such, you first have to get rid of any doubts in your head, or break down any mental walls that leads to you doing the bare minimum, or worse, not doing anything at all.

Yes, it is a challenge, doing this has helped people like myself, and others.