Who Struggles More in School: Boys or Girls?

Meg Zumwalt (23) and Zion Letcher (25) arm wrestle for the best grades.

Amaree Johnson

Meg Zumwalt (’23) and Zion Letcher (’25) arm wrestle for the best grades.

Amaree Johnson, Reporter

Looking back and thinking about the school system from the beginning of elementary school to college. From my experience and ability to listen pretty well, I realized that boys struggle more than girls in school only because they complain more and just don’t do their work. My theory is that boys struggle in school more only because the competition isn’t there for them, there’s nothing that really drives them into succeeding or doing well in school.

Thinking about the last time I saw a boy or girl struggling in school I would have to say a boy. To really think about it I barely ever see or hear girls struggling in school, maybe they keep it to themselves but considering how talkative they are I don’t think so. Of course, all levels of school are different but the only level I hear girls complaining about school is college, and I get that college can be overwhelming but I don’t understand how they could get accepted and don’t expect an overwhelming amount of work. They may complain about it but it seems like they always finish their work. While boys in any level of school don’t complain as much but they still don’t do their work which causes them to struggle more, they use more of their time complaining rather than not doing their work.

Ever since I can remember boys have been struggling and falling behind the girls in school. It came apparent to me that boys tend to have more trouble graduating high school and are less likely to get a college degree. Although we know that girls complain more than boys, girls are more disciplined about their schoolwork than boys. I didn’t realize this until I asked myself this but girls seem to study harder and get better grades. Girls typically do better in humanities, languages, and reading while boys do better in math. Still gotta give credit to the boys out there.