Money Can Buy Happiness

Many argue that money cannot affect your happiness level, but it can affect your way of living.

Designed by Alex Lacke

Many argue that money cannot affect your happiness level, but it can affect your way of living.

Alex Lacke, Reporter

Money is the overall most important thing in this world that contributes to everybody that is alive. Money affects some people more than others but it mainly affects everybody in this world and how they live.

When people get more money, the money will improve the quality of their lifestyle. The person with more money is able to spend it on better food and more food, better clothes and more clothes, also a better house or better car that you’re able to rely on. I think that when you have more money, you are able to be happier and to spend more money on things that you like and have interest in. For example,  if you like to travel the world then you are able to fly and travel places, or if you like sports games then you are able to buy merchandise from your favorite team, or go to their game in person by traveling.

Money is also one of the greatest contributors to happiness in your life and it helps meet basic needs. The reason this is is because our basic needs are water, food, and shelter. To get a good amount of all of these we need money to spend money on food and shelter and most importantly shelter. You also need clean clothes and good hygiene that you would need from spending money on toothpaste, shower essentials, to keep your body clean and healthy is very important.

Lastly, money brings happiness because money brings greater control. It controls what you can do and why you can do it. For example, you are able to give your friends or family gifts with money and you can raise the quality of the gifts or quantity which can make them happier. When you have more money you are also less stressed and less anxious about what you are gonna do in the future about your car payments, house payments, and your insurance. So in conclusion, I believe that more money means more happiness.