Dancing Towards New Opportunities


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Dancers compete with one another in hopes of success, demonstrating their hard work towards the pushing sport.

Adianna Lynne, Editor in Chief

Dancers from all over the US have competed this season in hopes of success and progressing towards higher levels of competitions, as well as other opportunities and organization that provide new empowering environments for athletes. Organizations founded for the betterment of teens, such as BreakDown STL, are formed to educate and equip youth with the skills they need to succeed, not only in their particular athletic niche, but also in life as the program informs youth about the dangers of abuse, the importance of mental health, as well as mentoring young athletes for acquisition.

This year, North Point’s own Catherine Hunn (’25) has been chosen as the recipient for this program.

“When I was accepted I was surprised, because I thought I did well,” Hunn said. “But, because the audition process is long, I was nervous regarding how I scored, especially because they do not accept many people each year and it had been a long time since I have acted. I was pretty excited.”

Breakdown STL is not only a dance team that teaches the skills to be successful and grow in ability as an athlete, but also the tools needed to be an understanding and compassionate person equipt with the knowledge to succeed in their future.

“I feel more comfortable talking to student my age about difficult topics due to the exposure Breakdown gives me,” Hunn (’25) said. “I could see myself being a counselor as I age, and I really enjoy working with other kids. I feel as though the program has brought me more maturity and understanding with both my peers and people of whom instruct the lessons here at Breakdown.”

A typical day at Breakdown STL is a mixture of education and learning about important mental and physical health needs, as well as how the world aches in its systemic issues, as well as rehearsing for any upcoming shows or competitions.

“We rehearse every Sunday,” Hunn (’25) said. “Rehearsals are first begun with all of the students from Breakdown STL sitting in a circle to discuss our thoughts from past and current presentations regarding with presentation ideas and out thoughts regarding different topics we have discussed including world and societal issues.”

The program is meant to inform and support every individual involved, allowing for a true connection to form between everyone associated with Breakdown STL.

“I can be in the program for the rest of highschool, and I can still be on the team in college if i stay local,” Hunn (’25) said.

As teenagers come into themselves and start to learn the hardships of finding their true nature and ideologies, Breakdown offers a resource for immersion and education in the surrounding communities, teaching the act of caring and serving those around you.