Pathways to Teaching


Educators Rising is a club that meets for those interested in teaching, coaching or administration.

Mena Southward and Izzy Smithey

Pathways to teaching is a class where you can learn how to become a teacher. It is geared toward students who plan on being in the teaching profession.  It is for male and female students who wish to teach, coach or become an administrator.

“Our goal is to get more males involved in pathways to teaching,” Krug said. “We are especially interested in helping males that do not know where to start.” 

If students are interested in any type of profession that is school related, this is a great class to learn if a degree in education is for you.

“The program will help you through college by staying in touch and help you with any questions you have. whether it’s coaching, high school teaching or pre-school teaching,” Krug said.

This is a class that prepares students for a degree in education that can lead them to a career as a coach or as an administrator. The possibilities are endless.

“For whatever type of teaching you are planning on doing you need to take Pathways to teaching”, Krug said.

For more information about the Pathways for Teaching class, see a guidance counselor or Mrs. Krug.