And What a Spirit Week It Was


Dakota Ivancic

Braelyn Trager (’25) and Catherine Hunn (’25) have that country club style at the first spirit day of the year: Country vs. Country Club.

Mason DeHart, Reporter

As we get closer to our HOCO game, HOCO parade and HOCO dance, the week is filled with spirit. A good amount of students participated in the first day and we are so glad to see the spirit and the pride that our students show during the week leading up to the homecoming game, parade and dance. Be sure to check daily for our updated slideshow as we capture the spirit of our school. Remember to dress school appropriate and stay positive throughout the week. Have fun with it, but wear something that you would wear in front of your grandma because you never know who might be checking out our slides. This is just day one of our Spirit Week: Country vs. Country Club.