North Point Student Council President


Poster of North Point candidates, both president and vise president

Holliday Palazzolo, Reporter

As the year begins to come to a close, the student council here at North Point is now prioritizing the election of the new Student Council president! Some students wonder, why start the election when we only have less than a week left of school? This is because we want to start off the next school year with a strong leader who will change the school for the better right at the start of the year. That way the winning candidate will have time to talk with the student council over the summer, and implement these changes as soon as possible, that way everything will be ready for the new & returning students of class 2022-2023. However, choosing a new student council president is one of the most important events of the school, and as a new school in the district, we need a president who knows how to take charge and change the school for the better.

“On Friday, students will be shown a video made by each of our candidates, presidents, and vice-presidents,” Mr. Heiger said. “The videos will serve as the candidate’s campaign speech, and they will explain why they’re fit to be president, and they will explain what they’ll do for the school if they are elected.”

However, as one of, if not, one of the most important events of the school, choosing the right president can either make or break the school year. Will a true student body president be elected? A leader who addresses minor & major issues in the school and aims to fix them. A leader who takes time to get to know each & every student. A leader who will work in their blood, sweat, and tears in order for North Point to be seen as a safe and fun place for students to learn! Or will the new President only aim to make the school better for a certain group of students? Will this new president only prioritize making things better for certain cliques in the school? And/or will this new president just turn the school into their own little playground?

Our two presidential candidates are Isaiah Estep & Makayla Markus. Two people with a good reputation, and the genetic disposition to lead. But what exactly will they do if they are elected?

“I care about building the school’s image, with a memorable leader representing the school and what we have to offer, I want to make North Point a more welcoming place for students to learn, socialize, and build their futures,” Isaiah Estep (Ike Estep) said. “I will prioritize following the interests of the school and the students. If students want to see something new, and if we all agree that this will better the school, we will do everything we can to make that happen.”

“I want to make a difference in the school’s social problems between classes, clubs, and even students,” Makayla Markus said. “From everything I’ve heard this year, it’s clear that North Point needs to take more action in helping students with their problems, therefore making the school a better, safer place for students. If I am elected, I will hold meetings amongst multiple clubs, from there they can explain what their club does, any issues that the club may have, and we will come up with ways to resolve that problem. And if an issue is seriously impacting any students, I will do what I can and speak to those students who were affected, and I will get to the root of that problem and make sure to fix it.”

As the year comes to a close, students are debating who they should vote for, but the important thing is to pick a student who will change the school for the better and make our school a welcoming place for new students yet to come.