Poetry Outloud


Raeleigh Meyer

Don’t miss this great opportunity to win cash, prizes, and an all expense paid trip to Washington, DC.

Raeleigh Meyer, Reporter

    Poetry is one of the many forms of writing. If you have an interest in poetry, consider participating in Poetry Out Loud. 

     Poetry Out Loud is a competition where you will recite a poem out loud with the chance to go to state.

     Go to Poetryoutloud.org to see the wide variety of poems that you could use. You must have two poems to recite by memory.

     Your evaluation will be decided by physical presence, voice and articulation, dramatic appropriateness, evidence of understanding, and overall performance.

     This is a great opportunity to use your voice, use your memory, and be inspired. The competition will be held Wednesday, January 19 in room 239 during WIN time.

     To find out more about this fun poetry competition go see Ms. Swanson in room 239.