First Ever North Point Teacher of the Year


Ethan Jacob Hoker

Mrs. Jennifer Nichols is North Point’s Teacher of the Year for 2021-2022.

Ethan Jacob Hoker and Quinton Meyer

The Teacher of the Year has now been announced as Mrs. Nichols. Not only is she a phenomenal teacher, but she is also a role model for her students and a great friend to those who know her.

“She cares deeply for us and only wants the best for her students,” Judah Komis-Mefford (’24) said.

Every student that comes into her classroom never feels left out and each and every person feels appreciated.

“She is very helpful at schoolwork,” Luke Gertken (’24) said.

This award is well deserved and the students are very excited that she has received this award.

“She actually checks in her students, not only about school life but also her students’ mental health,” AnakaMae Ulreich (’24) said.

Her compassion is contagious and her presence at our school is acknowledged.

“She acts more like a motherly figure than a teacher and cares more about how you are acting rather than your performance,” Savannah Koch (’24) said. “She also helps us learn because she makes sure that important things stick in our head.”

We are very honored to have Mrs. Nichols as our Teacher of Year.