Future Insights On Eye Catching Decorations On Our Hall Walls


Raeleigh Meyer

Although the walls are currently bare due to regulations, future are in motion.

Raeleigh Meyer, Reporter

As North Point is a brand new school, starting off the school year has been exciting. New school, new teachers, new friends, new furniture, everything is new.

The community has done so much to contribute to our new family. Out of all the contributions, we still have a pretty tight budget. The first couple years at North Point we will be focused mostly on the priorities of the school.

Having a school with eye-catching appeal is a future focus for the principals in our school. Building Principal, Dr.Amanda Shelmire explained that our school has a one year warranty that doesn’t allow for much destruction of our walls.

She also explained her future views on her plan to decorate our walls.

β€œI would love to have wraps on the walls,” Shelmire said.

As wraps are a big investment, we also have to make sure nothing is damaged.

Not only does Dr. Shelmire have a plan in mind, but so do our librarians in our school library.

Assistant librarian Kelly Hovan shared her plans for the library. She stated that she and the lead librarian Brooke Brockman would like to have giant book posters on the walls behind their book shelves.

Students also have input to share regarding this.

β€œIn the hallways, I would want to see all the teachers W.I.N time schedules and the art clubs projects,” Maggie Wallace( ’25 ) said.

The more we can decorate our walls, the more our school will feel like our home.

The final verdict is that decorations for our walls are definitely a plan for the future.