Keeping WIN Time Alive


Cole McQuay

WIN Time is a great way to get rid of extra energy.

Cole McQuay, Reporter

How would you feel if North Point High School took away WIN time from the students even though it is loved by most? There are ways that it would lower student morale. Considering many look forward to the long free period, it is controversial when it is taken away. Also, it would give longer class time because lunch would be shortened in time.

There are many more ways it would affect students. First, students would not be able to get extra needed help for classes anymore and would not have much time to get lunch and eat. Considering the large number of students in this school, the lunchroom would be too crowded. Also, a lot of students could not let out needed energy by playing basketball or whatever sport they offer in the gym, so it would affect teachers too because it would make students less engaged in the later hours.

Along with this, many students would have late work because they did not have WIN time to get help. Even though it would give a little bit more class time because WIN time would not take an hour out of the school day, it would not help students keep up with their school work because they get burned out. 

It would not be liked if WIN time was taken away, mainly because almost every student loves it because they don’t have to be in class sitting at a desk for an hour. Instead, they get to go eat or work out or lift weights or visit a teacher for help.

Personally, I love it and think it is important and it is nice to get help in classes and get rid of energy by playing basketball. Others have the same opinion that I do. Let’s make sure we never get it taken away.