In Honor of Mrs. Docket


Sydney Swanson

Mrs. Docket’s whole family surprised her when she was announced as our teacher of the year at the faculty meeting.

Nate Logan and Adianna Lynne

As North Point’s history continues with its second year, we honor yet again the Teacher of the Year. The honor is given to one teacher that continues to go above and beyond for both their students and the school itself. 

Mrs. Docket has been awarded North Point High School’s Teacher of the Year for the 2022-2023 school year. She has and continues to provide for her students, guiding them to a path of success and knowledge. Mrs. Docket previously worked at Holt, teaching both AP and standard history classes. She teaches those same subjects here. She loves 

“I am ever grateful to the North Point community, for how they have treated me and for honoring me in this way,” Docket said. “I like to think that I have a strong connection with my students, and I enjoy seeing them progress and grow in their intelligence.”

While this is only the second year that North Point has held this contest, Mrs. Docket has been nominated not once, but twice, coming in first this year. Her students feel challenged and welcomed in her classroom.

“I love her energy and how she presents herself with her students,” Raeven Wilcox (’25) said. She always creates a welcoming environment, easy to learn in.”

She is loved amongst a vast majority of students due to her diligence and caring nature, always wanting the best results for her students, all whilst caring about their mental health.

“To win teacher of the year is an honor and a surprising privilege, and to know that my students nominated me is a joy,” Docket said. 

Mrs. Docket takes extra time to ensure the abilities of her students in order to improve their learning experience, imprinting a successful and driven mindset on all of her students.

“Mrs. Docket cares immensely about her students, not just about the content but that the information is present in the minds of those she teaches,” Ike Estep (’25) said. 

We look forward to seeing the influence and impact of Mrs. Docket on her students in the future, and as the year continues until its close.