For the Love of the Puck


Cole McQuay

Aidan Waters (’26) and Ben Newman (’25) hold Olsen Brewster (’26) one of the their teammates on the hockey team.

Cole McQuay, Reporter

Holt High school has been around for a while and has a hockey team with three players who go to North Point. They play hockey for Holt. Ben Tiesmann (’25)  has been playing hockey for one year and two months. He has an interesting reason for loving the sport.

“I play for the puck bunnies,” Tiesmann said.

He is the varsity goalie for the starting B Team and has a favorite player from Edmonton.

“My favorite player is Trav for the oilers,” Tiesmann said.

Aidan Waters is another North Point player and has been playing for seven years.

He loves the physicality of the sport. His favorite player is a hockey icon who no longer plays but used to own the Arizona Coyotes.

“Wayne Gretzky is my favorite player,” Waters said.

The final person who attends North Point and plays for Holt is Olson Brewster and he has been playing for three years. 

Olson has a personal inspiration for playing hockey.

“My Dad was my inspiration,” Olson said. 

The teammates on this B Team love playing the game of hockey.