Boys Golf is Underway


Mena Southward

Nathan Sanders (’23) medaled at the St. Charles West Tournament with a score of 46.

Mena Southward and Dakota Ivancic

Boys golf is underway. Our boys golf team has grown in just the past year. Their prediction for the season is that it is going to be a learning year and they are going to try their best to get as much time on the fairway. 

Lucas Dean has golfed for four years.  

“We try to get as much time as we can to practice and just try the best we can,”  

They began the season with a tournament. Nick Compton (‘26) medaled at the Fort Zumwalt East tournament.

“I probably could have done better,” Compton said. “It was my first ever high school tournament.”

Luke Geisilmann has been playing golf for two years. 

“The tournament went pretty well and it was at the bluffs in St. Charles, and I think we are going to get a lot better after we practice more and do more matches,” Geisilman said. 

The second season for our boys golf team has grown. Last season the team had four boys and now it has 14. 

Nathan Sanders (‘23) has been golfing for ten years. 

“The best score I had is 39 for a 6000-yard course,” Sanders said. “My goal for this season it to beat that and get a 37.”

The team has had three matches this far. Jake Prinster (‘25) did his best score in the match against Fort Zumwalt North. He has been golfing for three years.

“Wwe played at Bear Creek,” Prinster said. “I like that golf course because the greens have good speed and the fairways are good. We have a good chance of winning our conference this year because we are feeling pretty confident against the other teams.

It will all come down to the GAC Tournament in May. Have a great season boys.