Spring Sports Preview: Baseball


Isabella Petry

Coach Hellman helping Dominic Sienkiewicz with his catching during practice.

Isabella Petry, Reporter

The North Point Grizzlies baseball team is back at it for their second official year. All three teams have been working hard and are preparing for what lies ahead for the season, practicing every day after school till five, and even some weekends.

During these practices, the team is doing all sorts of different drills.

“Basically anything that needs work, we practice,” Jacob Hagen (‘24) said.

Putting all this practice to work, there are some specific games that the teams are looking forward to.

“I’m really looking forward to the Freshman Tournament in May,” Dominic Sienkewicz (‘26) said.

Peyton Briddell (‘25) joked about how he likes to play the other Wentzville schools because North Point is the best school.

“I like playing Wentzville teams because I dislike every Wentzville school, except North Point,” Briddell said.  “I’m also looking forward to playing Orchard Farm and St. Charles West because I played with a bunch of guys that go to those schools.”

Spending so much time practicing and working you have to be able to fit in some fun and team bonding.

”We feel a connection. Like a brotherhood,” Hagen said about his teammates this year.

Sophomore Peyton Briddell is ready for the season.

“We’re all about fun and being able to play games,” Bridell said.

Goals are important to have when you play a sport because they are what drive you to do better and work harder. Each teammate interviewed had different goals, both for themselves and the group. Jacob Hagen said how he hopes to grow as a player this season while players Peyton Briddell wants to make first-team all-GAC North, and Dominic Sienkewicz wants to achieve number one stats. 

People who go out to watch the games this season can expect a lot of hard work and dedication, a lot of energy and higher quality at-bats that are hit a lot harder. The team is hoping for their first home run this year.

Wish your Grizzlies baseball team good luck as they begin their season and work to be the best they can be!