“You can’t take it with you” The Spring Play You Can’t Miss


The Script for “You Can’t Take It With You” for cast members

Holliday Palazzolo, Design Editor

As we enter the new year, and students prepare for finals and get their schedules ready for their second semester, the theater department has been lurking in the shadows, preparing for the second theater production of the school year. Percy Jackson and the lightning thief went off with a bang and the whole theater department is eager to make something new and exciting that’ll blow everyone’s mind. Lucky for us, the theater department has chosen a play and chosen cast members for the show. The play this semester will be the comedic 3-act play “You can’t take it with you” by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart (1936). Auditions have already taken place and rehearsals will start once the second semester begins.

“I chose this play because I performed in it when I was in high school, so it’s a play I’m familiar with,” Mr. Milhous said. “I was also hoping to do another comedy this year, just like Percy Jackson. That being said, it was hard trying to find a good play for this year. There are lots of unique characters in this play, each one with their own quirks and weird hobbies, which is why I have so much faith in the students I chose to be in the play.”

But Mr. Milhous isn’t the only staff member who is excited to help out with the play.

“I’m really excited to see how well the students portray themselves as their characters on stage,” Ms. Abigail Meneses-Delcompare said. “I helped Mr. Milhous with the musical last semester, and I generally help him with anything theater related if he needs me. I helped him during auditions, and it actually was very difficult trying to cast students for the play, just like the musical. Of all the different characters and their personalities, the students that arrived at auditions were able to portray the characters very well.”

Although rehearsals haven’t started yet, both students and teachers are looking forward to seeing what the theater department has to offer.

“I’ve only seen “You Can’t Take it With You Once”, but I did enjoy it,” Ms. Holzen-Mason said. “I’m really excited to see the play and I’m looking forward to seeing how our theater staff and our students pull it off.” 

Rehearsals will begin once the second semester starts. The students who were chosen to be cast members are excited to see how it’ll all play out and hope that the spring play of 2023 will go down with style and give our seniors something to remember as they prepare for graduation, The cast, tech crew, and staff are determined to make this play happen and be remembered for generations to come.