Aftermath of Percy Jackson Musical


Percy Jackson, Anna-Beth Chase, and Grover receive help on their journey from Ares, the god of war

Holliday Palazzolo, Design Editor

It’s been almost a month since the school theater department put on the very first play of the year, Percy Jackson and the lightning thief. As the first real musical play of the school’s history, the entire theater staff was determined to make the musical go off with a bang! Staff, students, cast members, and the entire theater crew did their best in order for the musical to progress. Opening night was on Thursday, November 10th, and closing night was on Saturday, November 12th. The theater cast and staff are taking their well deserved break, but are still loyal to the theater, and are reminiscing about their time participating in the Percy Jackson Musical.

“I feel like there’s always a little bit of nerves heading into opening night of any show, but I felt really confident in our cast & crew and I knew everyone was going to do great,” Madison Anderson who played Anna-Beth-Chase said. “I felt amazing once I was finally onstage, it was awesome to see all of our hard work come together, and we did an amazing job and I’m super proud of everyone who was involved.”

All of the actors in the musical are super happy that everything ran smoothly, and everyone was able to participate in order to come forth and make the first theater production go off with a bang.

“I was surprisingly less nervous then I thought I’d be heading into opening night,” Zanderin Houston, who played Grover said. “We were all really excited heading into the tree on a hill song, but I personally struggled with the medusa scene because we all rehearsed that scene by ourselves, and it was awkward for me because my character didn’t really have much to include in that scene.”

Not just the actors, but the people behind the scenes were working very hard as well. Since this production included a lot more special effects, the theater staff were very busy with the new technology being used, but thankfully, they were able to figure everything out.

“I decided to be a part of tech crew this year because I didn’t feel like I would really have a place in the musical,” Meagan Zumwalt said. “I like the action that takes place backstage. I was tasked with being the head of the stage crew, so I was busy making sure everything was working the way it should.”

Since it’s almost been a month since the musical, the entire theater team is taking their well-deserved break from the drama of the stage. However, once you’re a part of the stage, you’ll never be the same! Those who join the theater crew make tons of new friends, and learn lots of new things. So don’t be afraid to join the theater crew and participate in the next upcoming play here in the spring!