Swimming into the Season


Daniel Zammit

Members of our swim team gather in excitement for one of their first meets of the season.

Daniel Coleman, Reporter

North Point’s Girls Swim Team is starting their 2nd season ever.  Many of the members this year are first year swimmers and have never competed in swim before. They are creating and accomplishing new goals with all of their teammates. Valoria Harris, Madison Anderson, Kylie Klopstein, Janie Becker, Faith Jones, Avya Littlefield, Avah Thomas-Tillman and Ava Seiffert are all first year swimmers, diving head first into the enticing and exhilarating atmosphere that is swim.

Because many of the members on swim are first years, their experiences are limited. They are just now gaining the beginning skills needed to build a strong and perseverant athlete.

Eryn Chamberlain has been swimming and competing for a long time.

“I expect myself to improve in my times and my swimming technique, and for the team I expect us to have good teamwork and support each-other,” Chamberlain (’25) said.

In her 10 years of swimming, her favorite memories have been from summer swim teams.

Eryn Chamberlain, Iris Swafford and Kylee Sansone are returning swimmers from last year’s swim team for another enthralling season.

“I’ve been swimming for 10 years, summer swim is my favorite every year,” Chamberlain (’25) said. “One of my favorite memories is when me and the rest of the swimmers in my lane all went down the slide at Progress Park once. I’ve always wanted to do that, it was a really cool moment.”

While swim is a team sport, each individual swimmer tests the waters with their own strength while gaining new swimming styles.

“I personally have loved learning about all of the new techniques used in swimming,” Faith Jones (’25) said. “I hope to excel when I compete and use these skills Im currently practicing and perfecting throughout the season.”

Swim, as a sport, gives new opportunities to those who participate, through traveling to new places, making connections with people in networking and gaining new swimming mates.

“I love going to all the new pools and seeing new environments,” Chamberlain (’25) said. For ten years, summer swim has been my favorite, but I love how everyone is putting in effort and not just giving up.”

With a successful mindset comes stress, but with high determination achievement is within reach.

“It’s exciting, a little stressful, mainly because I have high expectations and I want to do good,” Valoria Harris (’25) said.

The girls are beginning their season strong with three meets this week, and we wish them good luck for the remainder of the winter season.