We “Love” Our Boys Tennis Team!

Maggie Wallace, EIC

Our first-ever boys tennis team earned a victory over St. Charles West. The score ended up being 9-0 with the boys coming out victorious. 

This was the first game in their whole season. The game took place on our home courts. Home court advantage really worked in the boy’s favor this game, with the boys taking a major win against St. Charles West. 

“The best part of the game was being able to compete for the first time after are previous game getting rained out,” Anthony Fisher (‘24) said.

Being a part of the tennis team really bonds some of them together as more than just teammates.

“I mean just playing with a team and like making bonds and I think tennis is a fun sport to play,” Luke Chipley (‘25) said.

Winning was important even for our school considering St. Charles West program had been around much longer than our first-year team. 

This game was a great start to the season for the boy’s tennis team. This game will help them earn a lot of confidence going into the rest of the season. This does not mean they had a perfect game. 

“If I could do something differently at the game I would definitely play a lot better, you know, hit the ball better and put the ball somewhere my opponent can not get it as easily as they might have,” Fisher (‘24) said. 

Tennis is a stress reliever for some of the team. It is a time for some of the members they can just relax and have fun and just have some old fashion fun. That fun included a little competition of course. Winning is still very much important. 

“It’s fun to play and not as stressful as other sports I have done in the past,” Bryce Mcoullugh (‘25) said. 

Our tennis team has many more matches this season. Go Grizzlies Tennis.