Wrestling With Bad Weather


Chris Purcell

The Grizzlies wrestling teams bring home four medals from the GAC Tournament, along with two finalists. Cassidy Benwell (’24) placed 4th, JAckson Sapp (’23) placed 2nd, Chad Benwell (’25) placed 2nd and Jimmy Thompson (’25) placed 4th.

Raeleigh Meyer, Reporter

Due to upcoming bad weather, the St.Charles High tournament that originally was supposed to be this weekend will now be held today. Lucky for our athletes they will not be missing any finals but will waste no time in getting to their tournament as the weigh-ins now start at 12:30.

¨I am hoping to get to semi-finals or further in this tournament,¨ Eliana Weiler (´25) said.

The North Point Grizzlies wrestling team consists of 30 boys and 15 girls, today though they will only be taking 8 boys and 12 of their girls. They will also be bringing along their wrestling manager Jordan Drerup-Leadbetter.

Elisia Cintron (´25) weighed in at 124.4 this morning so she is excited to be in the 125 class.

¨It will be a new experience,¨ Cintron said, since she has been wrestling at a higher weight class.

Although the tournament will be shorter, the team is planning on making the best of it.

“I expect to win,” Mena Southward (’25) said. “I love all the coaches and how DK is always there for us. This is a great group of girls.”

Marki Simmons is the assistant girls coach and plans on making it a great day for all.

¨I am bummed that they scrunched it into a one-day tournament due to weather, but we will make the best of it,” Simmons said. “I am excited to see them showcase all the hard work they have put in and they are close to peaking and getting ready for state.¨

Although some of the players cannot make this meet, the ones who cannot compete will still be there to support each other.

¨It will be fun,¨ Dakota Ivancic said.

In the previous GACs Hailey Ivancic, Dakota Ivancic´s twin sister dislocated her arm.

¨DK cam to my rescue and picked me up and brought me to my car,¨ Hailey Ivancic (´25) said.

Head boys wrestling coach Christopher Purcell has been coaching for 11 years, and we are glad he came here to lead our fellow wrestling athletes. 

¨Our expectations are that the wrestlers represent North Point well, show up and complete to the best of their abilities, and learn from each experience on the mat. Each match win or lose provides an opportunity for the team to learn and grow as a wrestler,¨ Purcell said.

Good luck to our boys and girls wrestlers today.