Movie in review: Marvel Eternals ( Spolier Warning)


Quinton Meyer, Reporter

Eternals is a decent 200 million dollar movie directed by Chloé Zhao and the story was written by Ryan Firpo and Kaz Firpo. 

Although a 200 million dollar budget was given to make the movie, it wasn’t that good. 

With everyone excited about the new Spider-man on the way, dropping this movie wasn’t a good idea for Marvel. 

The movie had good action scenes and the good parts were really good, but the movie was kind of slow and for someone who really doesn’t know anything about Eternals at all, the movie was kind of confusing.  

The movie had a good plot with all the characters being from a different planet, who were hunting a species that wants to kill everything. A group of superheroes are trying to kill them all, but they are a Walmart brand justice league. A guy who can fly and shoot lasers out of his eyes is the strongest of the group, which sounds like Superman to me. A girl who can run really fast and is the fastest in the group sounds like the Flash to me. A girl that is basically the warrior of the group and has a sword and a shield and is the best when it comes to combat sounds like Wonder Woman to me. Could the writers be a little more creative?

Despite the off-brand, the Justice League members in the movie and the other members had good powers, and all their superpowers were shown a lot in the movie. The backstories showing all of the empires, were a part of and how their powers helped the empires grow and develop and how their powers fought off the deviants who were the monsters they were on Earth to hunt. 

However, their one rule was they couldn’t interfere with human conflicts. In a war with human conflict, the Eternals couldn’t show up. Only when a deviant shows up, can they interfere so when the people they were protecting and growing were attacked by people with guns and horses and were being slaughtered, that was the turning point in the movie. This is where the Eternals decided to go their separate ways because all the deviants had gone anyway.

Despite the off-brand Justice League characters, as the movie goes on, it gets better.

The ending was very good and it left me geeking out when I saw the ending, but overall the movie Marvel Eternals was a solid 6.5/10. With good acting and good action, I recommend this movie to anyone who likes superheroes and action.