Be Kind


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Everybody should try to be positive at all times (or try to).

Alexia Zweifel, Reporter

Does the world need more positiveness? Of course, everyone will answer differently with a yes or no answer, but why would the world need to be more positive you may ask.

Well, for starters, no one knows what goes on in someone else’s life just by looking at them.

Some people wake up every day in the normal fashion they do every day of the week and do the same cycle they are used to, maybe with a negative mindset and it messes up their day.

Someone else might wake up with a positive look on their day with high hopes and feeling as if nothing in the world could stop them.

Who do you think would get through the day in a better mood? The person with a positive mindset right? Maybe, maybe not.

Anything can uprise within minutes during someone’s day. Being positive towards anyone no matter what mindset they are currently holding with them doesn’t determine how they should be treated.

Teaching yourself to stay positive or be positive may come harder to some and easy to others, but it never bothers you to convince yourself to do it. It doesn’t only benefit you but it will help the people around you and it’s always nice to help those surrounding you.

When choosing to be negative, it almost always hurts someone else, so keep in mind. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all, which a lot of people have heard.

Of course, there will be little moments when it feels hard to be positive, but it’s almost always human nature to slip up in a situation that causes one to feel the need to say or act negatively. No one is perfect.

When you decide to be positive towards anyone, including yourself it’ll always come back to you the same way.