Halloween Hallway Decoration Contest


Holliday Palazzolo

Halloween hallway decoration contest has teachers fighting for the top!

Holliday Palazzolo

As a new school within the District, North Point wishes to become a school above the rest, while also participating in common events during the school year. One of which is decorating the hallways for Halloween, and with enough decorations and school spirit, a winner will be chosen! In the 100 hallway, the theme is Skeletons. In the 200 hallway, the theme is Witches. The 300 hallways theme is Vampires. And the 400 hallways theme is mummies.

“We came up with the idea for the hallways because we thought it would be a good way to build school spirit and have teachers connect,” Mr. Milhous said. “We will not only do this for Halloween, we will also do this with Christmas, Spring Break, and Valentine’s day. The student council will be the ones to grade the decorations. They will grade based on creativity, execution and sticking with the overall theme.”

Students are more than welcome to participate in future decoration contests that will take place within North Point, but until then, everyone enjoy their Halloween!