Fun Fall Party


Raeleigh Meyer

The students from Mrs. Willams class enjoy playing a game of bingo.

Maggie Wallace and Raeleigh Meyer

Mrs. Glesson’s special education class joined by Mrs. Williams AP Chemistry class came together to have a fun fall party. This party was held on October 27, 2021, the last day before the Wentzville school district’s six-day fall break.  

“ We wanted to do fun activities because we wanted to do something fun with another class. We have Mrs. Willams’s class in here with us as well. And because my kids have worked so hard over the first quarter, so I wanted to celebrate them and have a party to celebrate their fall break,” Mrs. Gleeson said. 

The whole vibe of this party was very fun and energetic. Mrs. Williams AP Chem class seemed more than willing to help out at this party. 

“It always a good time coming in here and bingo was a good time to connect with the others, “ Jake Lang said (‘23). 

Mrs. Williams was just as excited as the kids.

“ It was fun celebrating fall with each other,” Mrs. Williams said. 

This fall party was so fun and very successful it was enjoyed by all involved.