The Structure of the Design Lab


Luke Chipley

This is the room where the Design Lab club takes place.

Luke Chipley, Reporter

     Along with many other clubs at North Point High School, a new one has come and has brought fun new activities to our school.

     This new club is called the Design Lab and is led by Dr. Adams, the activities director here at North Point High School. Dr. Adams is set on helping teens with a particular love for graphic design and working with their creative skills on certain projects for school, and outside of school.

     Dr. Adams created this club due to his own interest in graphic design.

     “The Design Lab is all about getting teens in school to be interested in graphic design,” Dr. Adams said. “This can support graphic design as a whole.”

     The main goal is to support our students, let students explore, and enhance their knowledge of graphic design at the school.

     “Our main goal is to essentially have our students learn to graphic design for support purposes, and it can be utilized for when they have a short amount of time as well,” said Dr. Adams.

Students initially thought the Design Lab could be a great place to explore more about graphic design.

     “I think that with the Design Lab, students will be able to learn how to make certain things like websites for businesses,” Kailyn Sleight (‘25) said.

     Cooper Clayton (‘25) has an interest in graphic design and is interested in the club.

     “The Design Lab can help someone gain basic need-to-know tips that can help them in a job that contains graphic design,”  Cooper said. “It can also give students a general sense of coordination for anyone else who is involved in the club. I think that with the club here, it will be helpful. I know a lot of people who are into art and design, so harnessing that into something useful for general life certainly wouldn’t be that bad.”

      Sleight also believes the knowledge will be useful in the future.

     “It can help students in many ways, like engineering jobs and online businesses,” Sleight said.

     The Design Lab will have an open meeting for everyone on Thursday after Fall Break.