Reading Up on Hispanic Month


Luke Chipley

The librarians have a display of all the Hispanic books.

Luke Chipley, Reporter

 From October fifteenth to November fifteenth, the North Point high school library team (Mrs. Brockman and Mrs. Hoven) has put their hearts and minds into celebrating Hispanic Month, with the undeniable power of literature.

   “We have our book display in the library containing all of our Spanish books,” said Mrs. Brockman, the lead librarian at North Point.

   Some books about the Hispanic culture are, We are Not From Here, by Jenny Tores Sanchez, All the Stars Denied, by Guadalupe Garcia McCall, and My Teenage Life in Mexico. Although Hispanic Month will be over, these books and many more will be in the library, even after the celebration’s end.

   Not only did the library have a large selection of books, but had classes for anyone participating in any of the Spanish classes. 

   “We have our Spanish classes come down to learn about the Hispanic culture by watching videos, looking at books in our library, and making crafts,” said Mrs. Brockman.

   The classes were told to create “Ojo De Dios,” or “God’s Eyes.” These are crafts that symbolize God’s eye, who supposedly watches over you and protects you. It’s like a dreamcatcher in a way.

   “We had the classes participate by making ‘God’s Eyes,’” said Mrs. Hoven, “a lot of them were displayed in the library if students did not want to keep them.

   Spanish Heritage Month is very important in our time, and the library, along with the Spanish One and Spanish Two teacher Mrs. Bundra.

   “I think Hispanic Heritage Month is an awesome way for our society to acknowledge and celebrate the impact Hispanic history and culture has made in our communities,” said Mrs. Bundra.

   Mrs. Brockman also had a few thoughts on this event as well.

   “I think it is a huge push for others to respect and love the Hispanic culture,” said Mrs. Brockman. “It’s an amazing accomplishment, and it highlights the Hispanic culture very well.”

   Although Spanish Heritage Month is over, there are still many ways to celebrate the Hispanic culture, and the library will continue to cherish it every year.