A Lot of Firsts


Madi Nemec

The North Point Grizzles run onto the field for their first varsity game.

Maggie Wallace, Editor-In-Chief

The fight in the Grizzles at the homecoming game was astounding. Even though it wasn’t the outcome we wanted, they put up a good fight. When the final score lit up on the scoreboard. The team was devastated.  This was their first varsity game, first homecoming game and sadly first loss.

“ It was hearting breaking we didn’t want to lose,” said Trey Trennepohl (‘24). That was a common response of the team. Losing this game was not on the team’s agenda. 

The North Point grizzles thought that Affton was gonna be an easier win. The opposing team had gone 0-6.

“ We thought they were an easier team and wouldn’t be hard to play,” said Gabe Maceffie (‘25). Sadly they were wrong. 

This game was the first varsity football game in North Points history. Our team consists of mostly freshman and sophomores who were going up against a team full of Juniors and Seniors. 

“ I was excited to play varsity,” said Trey Trennepohl (‘24). 

Throughout the game, the team admitted to making some mistakes and how they could have improved and done better. 

“ We made multiple mistakes and could have done better,” said Riley Delutte (‘25).

The game was like a tug of war match. With the grizzles scoring and then Affton. This went on the whole game. It really was the most entertaining game to watch this season. 

The crowd was on the edge of their seats and really engaged. Not only was the crowd happy so were the players. 

“ I just wanted to give Gabe a hug,” said Jackson Sapp (‘23). This was one of the grizzly’s reactions when another one of his teammates scored a touchdown. 

Even though this year’s homecoming game didn’t go as planned. The team says they learned a lot. They made mistakes and now know what they need to work on for next time. The fight between the players was electric. GO GRIZZLIES!